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Customer Managed Inventory (CMI)

Using our app-based platform, you can browse, quote and order products right from your smartphone. The items are specifically priced for your account and if required, only approved items within your facility can be ordered. We can create subsets of our overall SKU availability to suit your preferences and requirements.

The FKOnline app uses your smartphone’s camera as a point of use barcode scanner allowing you to quickly create orders, on the spot, any time of day or night. FK will create and provide you with bar code labels, or we can apply them for you onsite. Once installed, you will be to create and send your quote or order quickly and easily.

The ability to view open orders, invoices and statements can also be accessed through this platform.

Some customers prefer to order their own inventory but have an FK Field Certified technician put it away for them. We can do that too!

To implement this program, simply contact FK and we will quickly get you set up.

This platform can also be used to allow your employees to manage their own sub-storage locations and budgets.

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Benefits of Customer Managed Inventory:

  • Customer specific product list, so no unauthorized products enter your facility through this program.
  • Order inventory right from a smartphone.
  • Reduces administrative time.
  • Easy and convenient, 24/7 availability.
  • Use your own custom part numbers.
  • Increases time saved in the quoting ordering phase.
  • FK creates and manages the bar code labels for you.
  • Eliminates paper transactions.
  • Reduces stock outs.
  • Eliminates put-away time.


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