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Channel Management 

FK is trusted to manage many of our partners production critical items as well as their daily consumable supplies. These items can range in price from fractions of a penny to thousands of dollars each.

Inventory management, supply continuity and service reliability are just some of the reasons why FK is chosen by partners of all sizes. Our Data and Inventory Control Department can create transparency and visibility into your entire supply channel for specific products allowing us to proactively manage them for you.

We use Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to ensure a lean physical flow of goods and use powerful business analytics software to analyze your data regularly. These practices enable FK to ensure continuity of both your process critical and regular consumable inventory.

Benefits of Channel Management Solutions:

  • Lean approach.
  • Value Stream Mapping to reduce / eliminate waste.
  • No duplicated efforts.
  • Transparency into inventory throughout the entire channel.
  • Proactive rather than reactive inventory management.
  • Slow/dead inventory identified, reduced and eliminated.

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