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Asset Management 

Asset management is made easy using our AutoCrib automated vending system.

Using our system creates accountability and control, it also removes the manual tracking of an asset. Assets are kept securely in automated vending equipment and only released for use if all usage parameters are met; end-user authorization, asset being compliant in terms of calibration life cycles etc.

Each asset is logged out of the system using an employee specific username and password. Each transaction is assigned to the employee, from signing the asset out, to returning it back to storage, making it easy to discover where the asset is, or who had it last.

Benefits of Asset Management: 

  • No out of scope assets are used. (Calibration, end-user authorization etc.)
  • All assets within the scope of the program are compliant when used.
  • No wasted time looking for misplaced assets.
  • Your appropriate personnel retain complete control over item additions, changes, or deletions through a predefined process.
  • Access is controlled by item, department, employee, function, process, etc. for complete asset control.

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