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Eye Wash Station Survey

Many facilities installed eye-wash stations during their original build. As changes take place within your facility and equipment is moved, very often the

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Accu-Calibration Services Inc. was added to enhance FK's ability to service its customers. Accu-Calibration is an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory with a scope that includes most torque tools and linear dimensional measuring tools.

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Do you order the same items each day, week or month by phone, email or fax for your facility, or do you order during ‘off-hours’? We can help you streamlin

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Hearing Protection Fit Testing

Contact FK to arrange for our trained and certified personnel to perform hearing protection fit testing for your employees. Every ear canal is different, a

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Line Item Review

FK can perform a line item review of your inventory to determine if you have areas of duplication, areas for savings or if there are possible product substitutions that could save you money.

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Product Labelling

FK has the capability to print and apply your specific part numbers and descriptions making your system run easier.

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Value Stream Mapping

During this process, we will identify Value Added steps, Non-Value-Added steps and Necessary Non-Value-added steps.

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Product Sourcing

For customers and partners who recognize the time and cost associated with searching for non-traditional items, you can rely on FK to do it for you.

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FK has a department dedicated to reporting for our partners. Specific reporting provided in a timely manner to the appropriate personnel within your facili

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Respirator Fit Testing

Contact FK to arrange for our trained and certified personnel to perform respirator fit testing for your employees. Too often employees are simply handed a

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SKU Rationalization

Typical results during a line item review show that as much as 25% of a customer’s held inventory is comprised of duplicated or “like items”.

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Supply Channel Management

FK can create transparency into the supply chain enabling you to understand where, how many and when you can expect your replenishment inventory.

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Tool Repair

FK can facilitate a tool repair program for your maintenance or production tools. We facilitate the movement and tracking of your assets from your facility to the repair depot. We provide you with quotes for the repair of your tools and facilitate their return.

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VMI Services

FK began providing VMI services over 25 years ago. The differentiating factor with our program is the fact that we manage your inventory, we do not simply bin-fill. Within our VMI programs we manage products ranging from fractions of a penny to thousands of dollars each.

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With a surging second wave of COVID-19, contact tracing protocols with Public Health have resulted in a significantly higher level of scrutiny for all businesses.
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