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Our Structure

Our structure is configured and managed by Lean principles which focus on delivering results and adding value to your operations.

Vending Operations:
  • Field Trained & Certified to be compliant with your facilities Health & Safety requirements.
  • Field Trained & Certified on the equipment we service at your facility.
  • Provide scheduled on-site replenishment support eliminating the need for partners to receive and put-away inventory.
  • Backed up by our internal Vending Administration Team who:
  • Manage replenishment orders through the automated vending system eliminating the need for partners to generate purchase orders.
  • Provide administrative support by setting up new employees, granting employee access to equipment, and item management within the vending environment.
  • Manage software updates.
  • Provide scheduled usage reports using the AutoCrib® system.
  • Receive factory direct training from AutoCrib® ensuring all members are trained and available to provide support to our partners.
  • Field personnel provide regular equipment maintenance to ensure the highest percentage of vending uptime.
  • Provide on-site equipment troubleshooting support if required.
Vendor Managed Inventory Services:
  • Field Trained and Certified to be compliant with your facilities Health & Safety requirements.
  • Field Trained and Certified to service your VMI storage locations.
  • Utilizing FK Bar Code technology, create replenishment orders for your inventory based on agreed upon parameters, eliminating the need for you to create purchase orders for repetitive items.
  • Put-away replenishment inventory at your facility, eliminating the time required for you to perform this task.
  • Manage multiple stock keeping locations within your facility.
  • Maintain bar code labels at your job site or facility.
  • Ensure the work area is clean and orderly when they leave.
Data & Inventory Control:
  • Analyze our partners transactional data, and if required, act on the output.
  • Maintain and proactively adjust inventory levels to meet demand.
  • Maintain inventory health for our consigned inventory partners.
  • Analyze consumption, trends, spikes and seasonality of items allowing FK to optimize partner specific stock.
  • Respond to a variety of inquiries regarding product and inventory and provide data to both FK internally and to our partners.
  • Generate scheduled and ad-hoc reports for our partners as required.
Warehouse Vending Support:
  • Prepare replenishment orders in your specific end-user usage quantities.
  • Apply RFID tags to products for RFID portal environments.
  • Apply labels to products for easier identification if required.
  • Re-package items into end-user usage quantities to eliminate waste.
  • Stage orders for efficient put-away at end user site.
  • Utilize our warehouse management system, which promotes advanced inventory management, enabling FK to operate at an order accuracy goal of 99.8%.
Warehouse VMI Support:
  • Prepare replenishment orders for VMI Services
  • Break boxes when required to meet precise replenishment demand.
  • Stage orders for VMI Services.
  • Utilize our warehouse management system, which promotes advanced inventory management, enabling FK to operate at an order accuracy goal of 99.8%.
  • Provide scheduled replenishment VMI Service site visits using our own fleet of delivery vehicles.
  • Provide scheduled replenishment Vending solution site visits using our own fleet of delivery vehicles.
  • Provide regular delivery service for items not included in our Vending or VMI programs.
  • If required, provide RUSH shipments.
Digital Strategy:
  • Develop initiatives and programs such as partner portals, enhanced e-commerce programs and promotional material which are all focused on improving your digital experience with FK SAFETY.
  • Enhance and deploy technology to improve your access to FK’s products, solutions and services with an overall goal of streamlining your processes. Currently over 82% of order lines processed by FK arrive electronically.
  • Increase accessibility to your consumption information.
Account Management:
  • Participate in continuous training on our supplies, solutions and services to ensure they can articulate all FK has to offer you.
  • Participate in continuous training on specific products to ensure you are using the best matched items for your applications.
  • Develop projects focused on specific cost saving initiatives designed to lower your total costs.
  • Perform line item reviews looking to eliminate duplicate function items where possible, thus reducing your inventory.
  • Perform onsite safety audits such as eyewash station inspections, fall arrest equipment inspection, respirator fit testing, and safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) reviews to help validate you are using the right products within your facility or on the job site.
  • Dedicated to ensuring our operation supports and fits seamlessly with yours.
Customer Service & Sourcing:
  • Your time is valuable, our CSR’s respect this fact and are fanatical about response time to requests and inquiries.
  • We aspire to provide the best solutions and will often provide alternate sourcing options where applicable.
  • Our CSR’s recognize the importance of relationship building and work to understand your unique needs and requirements.
  • Working closely with our purchasing department to ensure product sourcing is of the highest value to customers; your products will be delivered accurately and on time.
  • Works closely with Data and Inventory Control ensuring inventory levels meet your product demand.
  • Manages Special Buyer Stock (SBS) inventory for ‘make to order’ items, large consumption items and items not traditionally stocked by FK but are items you want us to stock to reduce your headache.
  • Works with Account Managers to source quality products at the lowest possible cost for you.
  • Facilitates emergency shipments and finds alternative sources for products if required.

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