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Why FK

Established in 1946, FK’s culture has always been one of continuous improvement and demonstrated results. Our culture has made FK the current supplier of choice for many Fortune 500 and Global 500 listed companies as well as regional and local customers and partners.

We bring our experience from many different industry segments and apply the principles and best practices to FK.

FK no longer simply provides MRO, Health and Safety products; over the past thirty years we have become integrators of the supplies, solutions and services required by our partners to enable them to lower their total costs of ownership and remain competitive.

Our Lean and service centric focus means we continuously work to deliver results and add value to you. Once programs are established and implemented, we do not ‘set it and forget it’, we begin the real work of ensuring continuous improvement takes place; aimed at your continuity of supply, managing your consumption, and lowering your total costs of ownership.

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