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Do you order the same items each day, week or month by phone, email or fax for your facility, or do you order during ‘off-hours’? We can help you streamline your process which will create more time for you for other tasks.

FKOnline is our web-based e-commerce solution. It is designed to allow you to browse, quote and order right from your desktop, it works the same as our app.

By enrolling for FKOnline, we can quickly deploy a solution enabling you to easily order online with pricing specific to your account.

Through FKOnline you can also access old orders, look up invoice history, statements and create a list of ‘favorites’ for items you order regularly.

Using the Quick Entry pad feature you can upload an Excel spreadsheet with all your order items. FK can provide you with a .csv or .txt file so you can back the order into your own ERP system if required.

You are not alone; you will still have access to your CSR through the FKOnline chat function or via email or phone.

Click here to request an FKOnline login: FKOnline Login

Benefits of FK Online:
  • Easy and convenient, 24/7 availability.
  • Increased time savings in the quoting ordering phase.
  • Order anytime, anywhere, from any computer.
  • Browse the entire FK catalogue with your specific pricing.
  • Access to important documents when you need them.
  • Access to Quick Entry
  • Access to CSR’s via chat function, phone or email for immediate assistance.

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