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March 23, 2020

Continuity of supply:

I trust this communication finds you safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty. We at FK have taken all recommended precautions presented by our Government, the W.H.O. and the CDC. We have also augmented some of these measures as well to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

It became evident 6-weeks ago that some specific products were going to become very difficult, if not impossible to purchase. Many manufacturers became over-whelmed and have been unable to get necessary raw materials to make goods whose availability had never been a problem.

We are asking you for your patience at this time regarding the supply of some of these products you traditionally purchase from us. Specifically, right now Nitrile gloves, N95 masks, hand sanitizers, hard surface sanitizers and coveralls are all in short supply.

Beginning 6-weeks ago, we implemented new policies regarding these items. We are only shipping these items to customers that traditionally purchased them from us in the past and we are only shipping quantities that reflect their last 12months of usage, that is, no hoarding type orders were accepted. As well, pricing remains the same, we are not adjusting pricing if it is not adjusted by a supplier to FK.

These policies have so far enabled FK to preserve the continuity of supply for our regular customers and partners. This situation can change rapidly as we are being notified by some supply partners today that they will be temporarily closing.

FK has worked closely with some of our partners and asked if we could re-direct some, or all of their specific 3M-N95 masks to RVH our regional health care center as their supplier had no inventory. The response was overwhelmingly positive and collectively we have been supplying critical masks and cartridges for 5 days.

FK is currently maintaining its regular supply channels to protect you, our partner. It is very likely that a lot of counterfeit products will make their way into the market which could have serious consequences from a health and safety perspective. We are being as diligent as we can with respect to this issue and only ordering from our known supply channel partners at this time.

Unprecedented times for sure. Please stay healthy and safe.


John K Byles


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With a surging second wave of COVID-19, contact tracing protocols with Public Health have resulted in a significantly higher level of scrutiny for all businesses.
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