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Inventory Consolidation 

Management of our own held inventory as well as consigned inventory is done by our Data and Inventory Control Team. Having multiple products in inventory that perform the same function often costs more money than just the duplicated products themselves. Performing line item audits FK often uncovers situations in which many "like" SKU's are being purchased that perform essentially the same functions.

We perform the audits and report back to our partners to help rationalize and optimize inventory. Once inventory is rationalized, we put systems in place to ensure it remains compliant and healthy.

Benefits of Inventory Consolidation:

  • Fewer held SKU's.
  • Better pricing on consolidated volumes.
  • Less storage space required.
  • Less waste.
  • Easier Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management.
  • No unauthorized products cause production or safety issues.
  • "Like items" only added when transparent process is completed, the items are added by "intent", not by accident.

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