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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Services

Your inventory is the backbone of your operations. Our VMI services enable you to focus on your core tasks while we manage your details. For many institutions, managing low-cost high-volume items is a headache.

Like the manufacturing sector, these low value, high velocity items represent very little in the overall spend of an organization, but without them, they can prevent work from being performed or can shut down a facility.

For the past thirty years, FK has become expert at managing the details of these low value high repetition items in demanding automotive manufacturing environments. This same experience and service is applied to FK HEALTH.

Not having inventory in the right place at the right time can put your facility at risk. Using FK Field Certified VMI personnel, we can manage this ‘headache’ inventory for you. An important differentiating factor between FK VMI and what others call 'VMI' is the fact that we MANAGE your inventory, we DO NOT bin fill.

Each FK VMI service program is designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of each specific customer or partner and their individual internal departments.

The work is done up-front in terms of sourcing, pricing, and establishing appropriate inventory levels. Adjustments are made through data and dialogue. To ensure cost and consumption controls remain in place, FK will set up all required reporting and follow the prescribed schedule as set by you.

Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory:

  • Eliminate RUSH shipments for standard products.
  • Reduces inventory costs.
  • Customers can still use their own part numbers.
  • FK creates and manages the bar code labels.
  • You retain complete control over item additions / changes or deletions through a predefined process.
  • Accurate inventory management.
  • Improves inventory quality.
  • Only specified brands and products are supplied, no unauthorized substitutions without discussion and your approval.
  • Reduces obsolete inventory and stock outs.
  • FK VMI field technicians are supported by the Data and Inventory Control Team who download data, ensure data integrity, check for order anomalies, and replace bar code labels when required.

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